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Dog Grooming to Pamper Your Favorite Pet

It can be hard to find the time or space to give your furry friend a bath so here at Mississippi Mutts we have everything you need to get the job done! Just supply your dirty dog and we take care of the rest.

  • an illustrated green icon of a large bathtub with water coming out of a shower headElevated extra-large tubs
  • an illustrated green icon of a shampoo bottle with a green paw print on the labelAll the shampoo and conditioner you need
  • an illustrated green icon of a dog's headDoggy face-wash
  • an illustrated green icon of a towel hanging to dryTowels and air-dryer
  • an illustrated green icon of a spray bottle spraying out liquidScented spray for an extra fresh finish


Enjoy 50% off when you come on Mutt Mondays

an illustrated tan icon of a dog bone

We also offer BOGO baths from 4pm to 7pm on Fridays

an illustrated tan icon of a dog bone

Get your Summer Bath Pass for unlimited baths from Memorial Day to Labor Day ($35 for one dog, $20 for each additional dog)

Dog Nail Trims & Gland Care

icon image of dog paw with nails in the hand of a human

We bring in professional groomers to offer nail clipping and anal gland expression.

Announcements for when the groomers will be in appear on our Facebook and Instagram! The regular times for this service are Saturdays from 1 pm-3 pm, and every other Wednesday from 6 pm-7 pm.


Just nails: $10

Just glands: $14

Both: $20

thumbnail image of dog getting pampered in the bath at mississippi mutts

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